Monday, September 24, 2012

gambar modifikasi satria fu

gambar modifikasi satria fugambar modifikasi satria fugambar modifikasi satria fu airbrush

Right now, they really wants to shopping pretty women along with Satria FU straightforward modif. Exactly what different or even the particular modif motors that must furthermore decorate sweet! "Said Michael. Nursalim, SMADA individuals that remain in the location Pulungan Pandaan.

necessarily and then dressed the woman's Suzi through Satria FU-nge-style competition fashion emang once again growing group regarding slang among Pandaan. Penggarapannya completely performed by Rich, massive employer emang Thole Idea who have particular Specializing in day-to-day utilize MODIF design.Fresh Satria Y Modif the two backed products
The particular figure's legs had been closed quickly forged wheelnya, and then artificial settingannya spoke wheel using R eks. Satria Tromol assist for your stern along with Shogi 125 for the entrance. "The number of ex lover Tromol Suzuki goods far more mengampangkan coz we've a similar growing bracket Brand new Satria Farrenheit Modif the two backed items as well as bushing-bushingnya" Fertile straightforward.

highlight, sporting wheel race wheel follow-up dicangkoki almu U-Shape report from the fatigue circumference mated cungkring 215-17. In addition, one on one digencarkan completing projects having a full whitewash framework along with steel green color which more and more sweet feeling sporting.Body setnya white-colored tainted rehearsal had additive result along with tones regarding pearl discolored hole start. Significantly small and attractive physical appearance any time keresikan duplicated their body-color and luster opera titan in certain sudutnya.titoStandards of New Satria Fu MODIFEdge: TDR, Prohibit: Mizzle-Swallow, Handle: Ride The idea, Petrol: Bungbon, Grasp: Talkabout Doctor, Coils: Ride It, Base Action: Posh, Feline: Lumina White gold or platinum, chromium: Chromium Bangil Abs, modifier: Thole Notion , Jl.Lery Pandaan Cow Sculpture, Rear Yan Generator by simply Rich.
gambar modifikasi satria fu minimalist

gambar modifikasi satria fu dragNew Satria F Modif both rear gear

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